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Pain is an unpleasant sensation and emotional experience that links to tissue damage1. It allows the body to react and prevent further tissue damage. People feel pain when a signal travels through nerve fibres to the brain for interpretation.1

The following factors need to be considered around pain:
  • Pain is always a subjective experience that is influenced to varying degrees by the person’s biological, psychological, and social factors. 2
  • As people learn and go through life, they learn the concept of pain and how it is applied in their lives. 2
  • If a person says that they have pain, it should be accepted and acknowledged. 2
  • Although people can adapt to pain, pain may have negative effects on the social and psychological well-being of the person. 2
  • Verbal description is only one of a few ways pain is expressed. The inability to communicate does not mean a human or animal does not experience pain. 2
The products in the Pharmaforce pain portfolio is indicated for the topical relief of pain (Go-Pain Relief Patches & Go-Pain Arnica Gel) as well as systemic relief of pain and fever (Go-Pain P Syrup).

The products in the PharmaForce Pain portfolio are:

  • Go-Pain Relief Patches

  • Go-Pain Arnica Gel

  • Go-Pain P Syrup

Cough and Sore Throat

The CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year. 3

Therefor as winter nears, we have to start bracing ourselves against the cold and flu sniffles, sneezes and coughs. Though you can catch a cold at any time of year, colds are more common during the winter months. This is because most cold-causing viruses thrive in low humidity. 3

Colds spread when someone who’s sick sneezes or coughs, sending virus-filled droplets flying through the air. 3

You can get sick if you touch a surface (such as a countertop or doorknob) that has recently been handled by an infected person and then touch your nose, mouth, or eyes. You’re most contagious in the first two to four days after you’re exposed to the cold virus. 3

Is it a cold or is it flu?
Viruses cause colds and the flu. Both are respiratory infections. The simplest way to tell the difference is by looking at your symptoms. 3

Cold Symptoms
  • runny or stuffy nose 3
  • sore throat 3
  • sneezing 3
  • cough 3
  • headache or body aches 3
  • mild tiredness 3
Flu Symptoms
  • dry, hacking cough 3
  • moderate to high fever, although not everyone with the flu will run a fever 3
  • sore throat 3
  • shaking chills 3
  • severe muscle or body aches 3
  • headache 3
  • stuffy and runny nose 3
  • severe fatigue that may last up to two weeks 3
  • nausea and vomiting, as well as diarrhoea (most common in children) 3

Colds come on gradually over a few days and are often milder than the flu. They usually get better in 7 to 10 days, although symptoms can last for up to 2 weeks. 3

Flu symptoms come on quickly and can be severe. They usually last 1 to 2 weeks. 3

Use your symptoms as a guide to figure out which condition you have. If you think you might have the flu, see your doctor to get treatment as soon as possible. 3

The products in the PharmaForce cough and sore throat portfolio is indicated for the alleviation of various types of coughs as well as irritated throats.

The products in the PharmaForce Cough and Sore Throat portfolio are:

  • Relief-Coff Natural Syrup

  • Relief-Throat Lozenges Original

  • Relief-Throat Lozenges Honey & Lemon

Digestive Health

How does the digestive system work?
Each part of your digestive system helps to move food and liquid through your GI tract, break food and liquid into smaller parts, or both. Once foods are broken into small enough parts, your body can absorb and move the nutrients to where they are needed. Your large intestine absorbs water, and the waste products of digestion become stool. Nerves and hormones help control the digestive process. 4

Interesting Digestive facts:
  • It's common for pregnant women to suffer from heartburn. 5
  • Frequent heartburn can be a classic symptom of a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). 5
  • People with diarrhoea caused by certain infections can lose up to 20 litres of fluids per day. 6
  • A bout of diarrhoea typically lasts for 1 to 2 days. But some people can have diarrhoea that lasts much longer, due to underlying health conditions. 6
  • You must never ignore nature’s call, since holding it in for release later can aggravate constipation. 7
  • Starting your day with two glasses of water with little lemon in it is a good way to fight constipation. 7
  • 75 Percent of Americans Are Chronically Dehydrated. 8
  • Dehydration Causes Foggy Memory, Irritability, and More. 8
The products in the PharmaForce digestive portfolio is indicated for digestive related problems such as heartburn, diarrhoea, constipation and dehydration.

The products in the PharmaForce Digestive Health portfolio are:

  • HydroLec Blackcurrant Powder Sachets

  • HydroLec Orange Powder Sachets

  • HydroLec Juice + Electrolytes

  • HydroLec Ready to Drink

  • Pectin-K Suspension

  • Emetrol Oral Solution

  • Hydrolec Salt tablets

Feminine Health

Menopause is defined as the time when there have been no menstrual periods for 12 consecutive months and no other biological or physiological cause can be identified. It is the end of fertility, the end of the childbearing years. (A woman may still, however, be able to become pregnant unless 12 consecutive months have passed without a period.) 9

Some interesting Menopause facts:
  • Around eight out of 10 women in the UK experience symptoms in the run-up to the menopause. 10
  • Of those, 45% find their symptoms difficult to deal with. 10
  • The first symptom is usually a change in the pattern of your periods. It may start every two to three weeks or disappear for months. The amount of blood loss may also alter, with most women finding that more is lost. 10
  • Around 70% of women experience the most common menopausal symptoms:
    • hot flushes and night sweats. 10

Femarelle® the only product in the PharmaForce feminine health portfolio at this stage, and this range provides women around the globe with a safe and effective option to alleviate their menopausal symptoms.

The products in the PharmaForce Feminine Health portfolio are:

  • Femarelle® Rejuvenate

  • Femarelle® Recharge

  • Femarelle® Unstoppable

Vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements

Multivitamins are the world’s most used supplements. 11 There is belief that multivitamins can improve health, compensate for poor eating habits and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. 11

There are 13 vitamins and 16 minerals that are essential to your health. 11

Multivitamin facts
  • More is not better 12
  • The vitamin breakdown is more important than the brand name 12
  • You can trust the label for certain information 12
  • They could interact with existing medications 12
  • Supplements will benefit different people in different ways 12

The vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements in the PharmaForce portfolio are mostly indicated as multivitamin and immune support supplements for children and adults.

The products in the PharmaForce vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements portfolio are:

  • Supavite Syrup

  • Supavite for Girls Syrup

  • Supavite Zinc Syrup

  • Supavite Iron+ Tablets

Hospital Products

Introducing PharmC, the hospital division of Pharmaforce. We’ve got you covered.

PharmC is committed to providing Healthcare Professionals and patients with product ranges that are affordable without compromising the quality, safety, and efficacy of the products. We focus on providing customer service of the highest standard making every effort to ensure that our customer’s needs are met. We understand the critical importance of continuous product supply and therefore place extreme emphasis on the prioritisation of supply chain management within our organisation. Through a combination of our ethical standards, ensuring supply of safe and effective medicine of the highest quality and our focus on customer service, we achieve our ultimate goal of ensuring that the patients’ needs are met in all we do.

Medical information queries and Pharmacovigilance (ADR reporting) are closely monitored inter alia by a specialised committee consisting of a Specialist Anaesthesiologist, suitably qualified pharmacist, and medical information officer. PharmC is fully compliant with SAHPRA requirements.

The products in the PharmC hospital portfolio are:
  • Tranexamic Acid 100mg/ml PharmC
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